Which offline solutions does the ViaSyst audit management software offer?

For facilitating the auditor’s life and getting rid of paper and pen, ViaSyst developed a revolutionary app allowing offline auditing, synchronised with the SaaS: easy intuitive navigation direct findings edition (by typing or vocal recognition) and grading picture attachment as evidence closing meeting preparation by sorting out findings data synchronisation with the database by return

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Which solutions does the ViaSyst audit management software provide for remote auditing?

ViaSyst is committed since years to develop and offer as a SaaS, in complement to available telco software, IT tools supporting CBs for managing remote auditing through shared accesses and modules between CB and client company, e.g. self-assessment checklist with evidence attachment editable by the client, secured data exchange and storing (no emails), data monitoring

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What are the advantages of using the ViaSyst audit management software?

Auditor: User-friendly platform Report edition: 1-2 h saved (data copied from previous audit) No data duplication (for reports directly submitted to clients) Combined audits on the platform: single finding writing Offline app for onsite auditing NC manager: NC completion follow-up interactive with clients E-mail alerts by any NC completion update Audit experience: automatically recorded Certification

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