Financial aspects

Why is it more advantageous to hire the ViaSyst audit management software then developing one’s own software?

There are many good reasons for that: costs: developing one’s own software is much more expensive, critical size: under 10 to 15’000 clients, there is no way to refund one’s own software, time to market: ViaSyst SaaS is on shelf, turn-key available, evolutions: ViaSyst continuously develops additional functionalities and modules, prioritised according to users’ needs,

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What are the pricing features for hiring the ViaSyst audit management software?

The ViaSyst audit management software is a SaaS, which means it is invoiced by user and use. To keep it simple, the applied yearly fees are structured as follows: basic application fee, covering settings, SaaS maintenance & evolutions, training, helpline, hosting, and data storing, … organisation fee, for each organisation (client) generated on the SaaS.

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