Why should CBs use an audit management software? Ask ChatGPT!

Thinking about arguments to promote the ViaSyst audit management software, I wondered what artificial intelligence (AI) would propose in this regard!

So, I asked ChatGPT. Here the outcome, in less than 2 seconds:

“Certification bodies can benefit from using an audit management software in order to streamline the entire audit process, from scheduling and assigning audits to tracking audit results and managing corrective actions.

Audit management software can provide an efficient way to track, manage and report audit results in an organized and secure manner. It can also help reduce the risk of errors and save time by automating the audit process and providing real-time visibility into the audit process.

Additionally, an audit management software can help certification bodies comply with industry standards and regulations, as well as reduce costs associated with manual audits.”


And, indeed, the ViaSyst audit management software covers all that and brings all these benefits.

Just book a demo to get convinced by yourself!

Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director