Why do CBs apply to the ViaSyst audit management software?

Basically, any CB has the following objectives, which the ViaSyst audit management software perfectly addresses:

  • Streamline and fluidize the CB and reporting workflows & processes
  • Generate substantial savings (back office & auditors)
  • Get rid of emails and files
  • Implement and support robust remote auditing processes
  • Secure the data management & availability
  • Share data with the clients and enhance customer services & satisfaction
  • Facilitate and control growth thanks consistent & harmonised processes
  • Monitor and enhance compliance and performance
  • Meet accreditation requirements and generate confidence from their AB
  • Benefit at low cost from functionalities they could never finance by themselves

6 CBs already applied for a demo and/or challenge testing in 2021. Why not you?

You can apply here for a demo, or just send an email to info@viasyst.com

Your ViaSyst Team