WBL Mentor Competence on the spot – Apply for a webinar

WBL (Workplace Based Learning) mentors implementing and organizing WBL in enterprises are in the front-line and at the core of quality WBL playing an important role to achieve a successful WBL procedure. The “European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships” (October 2017), emphasizes the necessity for teachers, trainers and in company mentors to “update their skills and competences in order to train apprentices according to the latest teaching and training methods and labour market needs”.

EFCoCert is part of the #Mentor4WBL@EU project, which addresses this necessity by developing a training curriculum and a competence certification scheme for WBL Mentors.

The project’s outcomes, which are now ready for launching the pilot testing phase will be presented by the partners during a webinar Tuesday June 9th from 3 to 6 pm CET (Paris time).

You are welcome to apply to this webinar, in which you’ll be invited to actively participate and provide feedback on the project’s main topics, i.e.;

  • Competence matrix (EFCoCert)
  • Competence certification scheme (EFCoCert)
  • Training course and associate assessment criteria
  • Online remote exam platform
  • Pilot testing organisation

You’ll also be welcome to apply for participating to the pilot testing.

Interested? Please apply by email to didier.blanc@efcocert.eu (by applying, please indicate your professional activity and profile, and your particular interest to the project).

Dr Didier BLANC, EFCoCert President