ViaSyst Service Continuity

In the current circumstance, the ViaSyst Team is fully conscious of its responsibility of ensuring and maintaining full-service continuity despite Covid-19.

Taking care of the health and security of our collaborators is also an absolute priority.

For us, combining measures for fully addressing these 2 majors challenges has been just obvious: indeed, ViaSyst operates 100% in teleworking for 12 years, so we didn’t have to change or improvise anything.

The entire team is perfectly familiar and organized with this specific and challenging work culture.

All ViaSyst services are fully operational: helpline & user support, IT development, project management, marketing & sales, management.

The only thing that will change is that we’ve temporarily cancelled the quarterly physical meetings we’re used to have.

We hope that you’ll also find a satisfactory way to manage the changes in both your private and professional lives.

Take care of you and yours and see you soon.

PS: have a look on ViaSyst-Offline, our revolutionary onsite offline auditing App which is now available.

ViaSyst Team.