ViaSyst involvement in the ISO standardization work – Upcoming ISO 22000 meeting in Bordeaux

Dr Didier Blanc, founder and director of ViaSyst is intensively involved since 2001 as international expert in the ISO management system standardization work. It started with ISO 22000 in 2001, and then continued by initiating and drafting the first working draft of ISO 22003 in 2004, joining the ISO 9001 committee in 2007 and the CASCO for ISO 17021 in 2011.

This means that the core business of ViaSyst (i.e. managing a dematerialized audit reporting platform for management systems certification) is tightly linked to this in-depth knowledge and expertise of major certification standards.

The next ISO / CASCO meeting to which ViaSyst will participate is the ISO TC 34 SC 17 (subcommittee in charge of the ISO 22000 family) in Bordeaux, from 1st to 5th October.

Didier Blanc will be involved on 2 main topics or work in progress during this meeting:

  • Revision of the framework and structure of the ISO TS 22002 series (Didier Blanc is task group leader for submitting a proposal of unified structure, with potential common text);
  • Revision of the ISO TS 22003 within the 3rd meeting of the CASCO joint working group 36, where the discussions will address, beyond all technical matters and clarifications, the key question of developing a complete unified stand-alone standard, to be used for accreditation against any food safety certification including management system requirements (e.g. GFSI schemes).

We will report on the outcome of these major works within the ViaSyst newsletter over October, before leaving to the ISO 9001 meeting in the Azores in November. So, don’t miss to follow our newsletter if you are concerned by these matters.

Do you still wonder why the ViaSyst audit reporting platform is dedicated to management systems standards? You’ll have the answer above!

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ViaSyst Team.