ViaSyst Audit Management Software supporting Risk-Based Auditing

Risk-based auditing is common in the context of internal or supplier audit but is a far less obvious approach within third party certification audit.

However, certified organisations operate more and more mature management systems and expect with right more added value for their certification audits.

But how when the basic objective of a certification audit is to demonstrate conformity? And how when the relevant data are not available?

The ViaSyst audit management software provides decisive support and tool for enabling risk-based investigations within third party audits, e.g.:

  • Self-assessment with associated scoring: the company can self-assess against the standard’s requirements, describe and score the implemented status and upload corresponding evidence;
  • Maturity profile: the company and/or the auditor can check the applicable maturity statements within a predefined grid covering the main relevant process (e.g. management, HR & competence management, production, …).

Such tools and data allow the auditor targeting the sampling of his audit on selected presumptions or weak points for maximising the added value of the audit by revealing relevant improvement potential beyond conformity.

Several CBs already use them to the benefit of their clients. Why not you?

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