ViaSyst appointed as CASCO representative in the new ISO 22000 Auditing Practices Group

Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director has been appointed as representative of the ISO CASCO (Conformity Assessment Committee) in the new established ISO 22000 Auditing Practices Group (APG 22000).

Similar groups already exist for 9001, 14001 and accreditation. They have been established as an on-line source of papers and presentations on auditing QMSs, EMSs or ISO 17k series. They are primarily aimed at auditors, consultants and MS practitioners.

The new APG 22000 will fill in the gap regarding FSMS auditing practices. Didier BLANC has been part of the ISO 22000 international experts since 2001 and has a long FSMS auditing and certification experience as former owner and manager of a Swiss accredited CB.

ViaSyst is committed to contribute actively to ISO certification best practices not only through Dider’s long term involvement in various ISO and CASCO committees, but mainly thanks the ViaSyst audit and CB management software which brings consistency, efficiency, cost savings and confidence in managing CB operations throughout the entire CB workflow.

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Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director