Very soon – the launch of the ViaSyst offline APP for onsite auditing

We announced that we started the specification stage few months ago, and now we are very excited to announce that the ViaSyst offline APP for onsite auditing is under testing and will be ready soon.

The ViaSyst APP will revolutionize the auditors’ work and daily life:

  • get rid of paper checklists and pen,
  • use smartphone of tablet for offline notes taking with vocal recognition, pics attachments, and all findings automatically sorted for preparing the closing meeting,
  • synchronize with the database at the next connection,
  • reduce time spent on audit preparation and reporting, for concentrating on onsite auditing,
  • target on added value and improve accuracy of data captured during an audit,
  • gather more information during every audit,
  • attach evidence to each non-conformity instantly,
  • refine the editing of your findings by travelling back,
  • etc.

The APP will be available for auditors of CBs using the ViaSyst audit management software for managing their reporting and sharing reports and CAPA management with their clients.

So stay tuned to follow the progress of the project – and do not hesitate to ask us for a demo if you’re interested in having a look on how the App works and whether it would fit for your use.

ViaSyst Team