User’s management updates and implementation of a new Auditor qualification module

In order to improve the management of users on the ViaSyst audit reporting platform, and to make the distinction between the roles of CB administrators and Auditors clear and visible, the “Auditors” tab have been reviewed and replaced by “CB users” tab.

Moreover, a new version of the Auditors qualification module has been implemented. This folder is accessible for all Auditors, allowing to manage easily the auditor’s qualifications.

Managing correctly the auditors’ qualifications allows:

  • certification bodies to manage the auditors’ qualifications for each assigned standard, to ensure efficient audits and to comply with their accreditation requirements, and
  • scheme owners to have an overview of the validated qualifications, and to ensure control, reliability, consistency and integrity of the implementation of their scheme(s).

Interested to see how this module and/or the entire ViaSyst audit reporting platform works

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ViaSyst Team.