Ongoing 22003-2 meeting: zoom works and good progresses!

As we announced the ISO/CASCO meeting dedicated to deal with the ISO 22003-2 first working draft started Tuesday 22nd on zoom. Almost 50 experts are attending, from all over the globe – over night for some of them.

Fortunately, most experts already know each other from previous meetings and are familiar with the ISO process, which makes the cooperation on zoom quite fluent and efficient. Didier Blanc, ViaSyst Director is part of this experts group since the very first 22003 draft in 2004.

The ongoing meeting is extremely important as it is the first time that the major ISO 17065 based schemes (BRC, IFS, SQF, GlobalGAP, CanadaGAP, …) are around the (virtual) table for commenting and reaching consensus on a set of requirements complementary to ISO 17065 that might be applicable for the certification bodies applying to their schemes.

As a reminder, the 22003-2 project (see figure below, captured during the opening of the meeting) aims to make the 17065 / 22003-2 binomen equivalent to the 17021-1 / 22003-1, ensuring transparency and confidence within food safety systems certification users.

Do not miss to follow us for being informed of the meeting outcome!

Dr Didier Blanc, ViaSyst Director