The ViaSyst Audit Management Software becomes an End-to-End solution

Since 2008, the ViaSyst audit management software (SaaS) is dedicated to supporting CBs in managing and controlling their operations and workflows, with significant efficiency gains and costs savings.

The ViaSyst evolution policy is to constantly develop new modules and functionalities addressing market and users’ needs and expectations (e.g. offline auditing App, remote audit, scorings, …).

Within our systematic pre-demo survey, around 40% of interested potential users expressed these last 2 years expectations like:

  • end-to-end solution from receiving application, contract, initial certification, surveillance, decision making
  • manage the whole process, from sale to certificate
  • from contract to certification and surveillance full pack
  • digitalize the whole process and streamline the workflow
  • to carry out certification processes from the contract to the certificate publishing

After 12+ months of a huge project mobilising the entire ViaSyst Team, the main missing bits of this ambitious vision are now in place and fully operable.

This is the so called “Sales” module covering application, offer & contract (including review and approval by the client).

New roles (e.g. sales manager, contract reviewer) have been added to the software to manage critical activities, and more flexibility has been introduced by generating options for departments or sectors within the CB.

And many more …! Sure, you will appreciate it.

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ViaSyst Team & Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director