The ViaSyst CB & Audit Management Software globally accepted and progressing over 2023

42 CBs’ or scheme owners’ users located in 21 countries of all 5 continents. 7 languages thoroughly managed (English, French, German, Scandinavian, Italian, Croatian, Indonesian), Spanish and Turkish coming soon, and Chinese already successfully tested. ViaSyst is definitely a global player within the CB & Audit Management Software niche market.

70+ demos over 2023 (33 countries, 5 continents) so far, which demonstrates the crucial need that CBs have to rationalise and streamline their processes and data management.

ViaSyst, established and developed for CBs by former peers, with highest Swiss quality, is committed to support and boost CBs operations’ efficiency, generating consistency, security and significant savings.

The ViaSyst CB & Audit Management Software is clearly dedicated and shaped for addressing the needs of SME profiled CBs, acting nationally or broader. Typical number of clients of ViaSyst’s target CBs are in a range between 200 and 2000, meaning that:

  • the need for a CB management software is getting more and more crucial, and
  • developing and maintaining a private software would generate totally disproportionate costs.

What we also highly appreciate at ViaSyst, as former CB owners and managers, is to listen to the needs and expectations of our customers, and to address them with simple and smart solutions – and low fees!

Want to know more and see how it works? Just book a demo on our website.

See you soon.

Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director