The ViaSyst Audit Management SaaS supports and facilitates accreditation

Among many other benefits (e.g. time saving by planning, assigning, reporting, managing data, and simplified and secured data storage), the ViaSyst Audit Management SaaS provides decisive advantages for ensuring successful accreditation – even with remote audits.


Reading this looks like a dream:

  • all data and files are 100% available, and accessible with your login codes on any device,
  • the auditors’ qualifications are managed, attested by relevant documented evidence,
  • the reports are available in a harmonised format, ensuring completion and consistency,
  • audit validation and certificate granting are tracked,
  • action plan and non-conformity completion status is under control, interactive with clients,
  • several (filterable and sortable) views allow rapid screening on state and control of
    • audit planning (throughout the entire certificate cycle),
    • missing audits (with warnings and flags),
    • non-conformities completion,
    • offers, contracts and application review,
    • available resources (auditors) per standards and scopes,
  • a synthetic dashboard with clusters and charts allows real time CB performance monitoring,
  • CSV extracts support any data processing for risk-based approaches …

You just can sit and share your screen (even remotely) with your accreditation auditor and that’s it. Nothing to prepare, everything is there!

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ViaSyst Team