Auditing smartly paperless offline? The ViaSyst App version 2.0 is now available

According to many users’ expectations, we prioritised the (r)evolution of the ViaSyst offline auditing App over Q3 and Q4 2023. The App 2.0 is now fully tested and available. It offers major improvements and additional functionalities compared to previous version 1.3.

Short, it now allows the following, with a very easy and intuitive navigation:

  • Access the App with your same login codes as for the online platform
  • Download the audit on your phone
  • Generate audit findings related to the specific standards and clauses (also for combined audits)
  • Enter the objective evidence you observed, by typing or through vocal recognition
  • Attach a picture as supporting evidence
  • Click on the light blue “Folder” icon on the top
  • Prepare the closing meeting preparation by sorting out the findings
  • Send the findings list per email to the client at the end of the audit
  • Synchronise the data with the online platform once back to connection
  • Finalise the audit report online

Many informative icons and data are displayed, allowing to control the status of your ongoing audits.

The ViaSyst App 2.0 is available for Android, downloadable on Google Play. It has an SSO access with the same login codes as for the online platform, which means you need to have a user account to use it.

Even though it is a very significant added value and high development costs, there are no additional fees for using the ViaSyst offline auditing App. Any user in possession of a login account can download and use it.

The user guide has been completed with the corresponding instructions, and we are happy to share a short training plan with your CB super-user on simple demand on

We wish you a lot of pleasure beneficiating of significant advantages and savings brought by the new ViaSyst offline auditing App!

Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director