Coming soon: offers, contracts, mandates & invoices on the ViaSyst audit management SaaS

The ViaSyst audit management SaaS software is under constant evolution, addressing clients’ and market’s needs.

The audit and reporting process workflow, which is the core of the ViaSyst SaaS, is already 100% under control in a very sophisticated way, thus, the next major priorities are now to address the CB back-office operations.

New modules are currently under design and development for managing:

  • Offers & contracts (inclusive contract review),
  • Auditors’ mandates, and
  • Clients’ & auditors’ invoices.

Interested to have a look? We are happy to have a demo for the existing modules and to share the specifications for the additional ones, taking your comments into account.

Just send an email at

See you soon!

ViaSyst Team