The 2022 ISO Survey of Management System Standard Certifications now available

The results of the ISO Survey 2022 on ISO management system standards certifications have been published and the full results can be downloaded from the ISO website.

The results show the number of valid certificates, as of 31 December 2022, for each country for 16 ISO management system standards and the number of sites and sectors covered by those.

This is an annual Survey conducted by ISO and the providers of data are the certification bodies accredited by the IAF MLA Members.

The ISO Survey results contain three sets of data:

  • the number of valid certificates for each country for the 16 ISO management system standards,
  • the number of sites covered by the certificates for each country for 12 ISO management system standards,
  • the number of sectors per country covered by the certificates for 13 ISO management system standards (ISO 22000, ISO 29001 and ISO 13485 do not contain data on sectors).

The full Survey data is available in Excel format.

The major 3 MS Standards are:

  • ISO 9001: 1’265’216 certificates (+ 12%)
  • ISO 14001: 529’853 certificates (+ 21%)
  • ISO 45001: 397’339 certificates (+ 29%)

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