Revolution in the auditor’s life thanks ViaSyst onsite auditing APP

Smartphones and tablets are no more future, they are daily reality.

What is now very near future is using one’s smartphone instead of paper & pen by onsite auditing. Off-line. With vocal recognition, pics attachments, …

… and all findings automatically sorted for the closing meeting, before being synchronized with the online platform by the next connection, with the attached evidence.

Establishing the specification has been a long and meticulous process, involving representatives of CBs and auditors, the challenge being to have all necessary functionalities by keeping it smart and simple for users.

The development has now been launched, the App will be ready for testing in a couple of months.

So stay tuned to follow the progress of the project – and do not hesitate to ask us for a demo if you’re interested in having a look on the specification for checking how the App will work and whether it would fit for your use.

ViaSyst Team.