Remote auditing – strengthen your process thanks ViaSyst

“The AB likes what they saw and believes the self-assessment is a great tool, especially for the remote auditing.”

This is the feedback we received from Drew Dysinger, CEO AVU Registrations Inc. (ViaSyst user since 2019) after submitting to their AB the remote auditing process based on the new ViaSyst self-assessment tool.

Developing tools for supporting and consolidating remote auditing was a high priority for ViaSyst already a long time before the pandemic.

The corresponding projects that are on our development schedule all aim supporting and strengthening

  • collection of objective evidence,
  • risk-based audit approaches, and
  • audit consistency and reproducibility.

A major step in this direction has now been crossed on the ViaSyst SaaS by implementing the self-assessment module, based on a checklist in which:

  • the audited organisation has edit right to provide statements on the way compliance is ensured and to attach related evidence,
  • the auditor can check, validate, comment, ask for further evidence, and raise NCs as applicable,
  • the reviewer or decision maker can sample and double-check as necessary.

Want to have a look? Just send an email to

ViaSyst Team.