Qualifying for the ultimate engaging smart training COVID19 imposed emergent remote teaching and learning at a global scale. This mass and unprecedented use of technology for learning led teachers, trainers, learners and families facing a steep learning curve, thus exposing the weaknesses in need of improvement in order to successfully integrate digital technologies into

EU Business Mentor Competence Certification Scheme


EU Business Mentor Competence Certification SchemeThe aim of the project is to:facilitate mentoring and coaching techniques by development of the business mentor trainings set for relevant horizontal and vertical issues.prepare a solid basis for recognition of mentor qualifications: vocabulary, fundamentals and requirements for the mentor and certification bodies using the experience of ADINVEST and the

EU WBL Mentor Competence Certification Scheme


EU Business Mentor Competence Certification Scheme Workplace Based Learning (WBL) mentors implementing and organizing WBL in enterprises are in the front-line and at the core of quality WBL playing an important role to achieve a successful WBL procedure. The "European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships" (October 2017),  emphasizes the necessity for teachers, trainers

EU Trainer Certification Scheme


EU Trainer Certification Scheme The EU Trainer certification has been developed for trainers who work with adult learners either in enterprises, carrying out induction for newcomers and/or providing training, or outside enterprises, as freelancers or in training organisations. Trainers can be full time professional trainers or part-time or occasional trainers. Certification bodies who deliver

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