New Single Sign-On feature on the ViaSyst audit & CB management software

ViaSyst has a strong evolution policy for continuously improving and completing the ViaSyst audit management software according to the market and users’ needs.

ViaSyst is a Saas, which means all users automatically benefit from any implemented new module or functionality.

The latest one is the “single sign-on” (SSO), allowing a specific user to access to various roles or positions in the platform with the same login codes and email address.

Some examples:

  • a contact organisation assigned to multiple companies, by various CBs,
  • an auditor who is also quality manager in a company,
  • an auditor operating for various CBs,
  • a CB Admin which is also in an auditee position within a scheme owner’s integrity program,
  • a contact organisation managing in parallel internal or supplier audits on the ViaSyst SaaS,
  • …, (limitless).

This seems a simple and obvious one, but it is not!

Indeed, the major trick was to guarantee 100% secure and strictly limited access to the specific, data assigned to the user, by various CB Admin or equivalent access manager roles.

But it works and provides a maximal flexibility to such users with multiple profile.

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