New ISO 17012 project for guidelines for use of remote methods in conducting MS audits

DIN, the German ISO member body, circulated for vote a new work item proposal (NWIP in ISO jargon) for drafting a new ISO 17012 standard on “Guidelines for use of remote methods in conducting audits of management systems”.

The vote will close by the end of May 2022. In case of a positive result (i.e. at least 65% approval), a new CASCA working group will be established for drafting this new standard. Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director, already volunteered to participate in this working group as international expert.

The aim of this new standard is to provide guidance in the use of remote methods for conducting audits of management systems.

It will be applicable to all organizations that need to plan and conduct all kinds of internal or external audits (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd party audits) of management systems, and be based on the general principles of auditing and gives guidance for specific conditions, possibilities and limitations for applying remote methods.

This new standard is intended to strengthen confidence in the use of remote methods for auditing management systems among customers, regulators, accreditation bodies, certification bodies, scheme owners, industry, employees, consumers and other interested parties.

The ViaSyst audit management software is featured to support and strengthen remote auditing approaches, beside streamlining all CB’s workflows and processes.

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ViaSyst Team