New ISO 10009 in progress – Guidance for quality tools and their application

The vote on the 2nd committee draft (CD2) of ISO 10009 – “Guidance for quality tools and their application” just closed. In case of acceptance, the next stage will be preparing the DIS (draft international standard). Publication may be expected in the course of 2023.

ISO 10009 identifies tools and techniques that may be used in a quality management system to:

a) improve effectiveness;
b) characterize a process or a variable;
c) highlight areas for improvement; and,
d) facilitate problem solving.

Guidance on their selection and application is provided with the aim of providing a resource to practitioners and promoting the appropriate use of quality tools.

Most organisations are already using quality tools.

ISO 10009 aims to catalogue quality tools in general use somewhere in the world, and to familiarise quality practitioners with what could be called “the tool-box” of quality tools. It is intended as a reference on quality tools which may be used in a number of contexts. Some quality tools are the subject of commercially available training and certification.

One of the key concepts is the appropriate use of quality tools; this standard aims to enable users to better select quality tools that are suited for the task that they have in mind.

If you have any questions about this new standard, do not hesitate to contact didier.blanc[a]

Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director