New guidance on remote auditing available on the ISO website

The Covid-19 outbreak incites more and more CBs and companies to explore remote auditing approaches.

In this context, the Auditing Practices Group (APG) established by the ISO TC 176 (Technical Committee in charge of the ISO 9000 family) just released a guidance paper on remoting auditing. You can download these useful recommendations for free here within section 2 “Auditing General”.

IAF recently lifted within its MD 4 the 30% limit for remote auditing activities, which means 100% remotely is now acceptable.

When applicable and well managed, 100% remote is 100% health safety for auditors and auditees. And even if 100% remote is not applicable, decreasing the time spent onsite lowers risks, costs, tiredness and stress.

So, sure will innovative CBs and companies take opportunity for reengineering the auditing processes.

Telco and video are well known and of course part of the remote auditing toolkit. But they are not enough.

That is the reason why ViaSyst is committed since years to develop and offer as a SaaS IT tools supporting CBs for managing remote auditing through shared accesses and modules between CB and company, e.g.:

  • self-assessment checklist editable by the client with evidence attachment,
  • data monitoring and alert system,
  • online non-conformity manager,

CBs who are interested in investigating such innovative approaches are welcome to contact or apply for a demo, need analysis and/or project planning.

ViaSyst Team.