ISO 22003 meeting prolonged by 2 zoom sessions – 7 major GFSI scheme owners participating

Virtual meetings require more concentration and discipline, but they allow more flexibility.

This generic statement fully applies to ISO meetings, as the recent ISO 22003-2 meeting demonstrated.

Thus, as Task Group 1, in charge of Annex A (food chain categories) and Annex B (audit time) couldn’t finish within the imparted timeframe, Mark Overland, Cargill, Task Group Leader, proposed 2 additional zoom sessions.

It has been a success, with up to 17 experts participating, including GFSI and 7 major GFSI schemes, who could take time to get familiar and comfortable with the draft text and its intention.

Basically, they now all understand the future ISO 22003-2 as a “minimum common denominator” necessary to build trust and confidence within the certification users, on the top of which they can build up (or keep) any specific parameters or requirements.

A great success indeed, for the first meeting in which the ISO 17065 based schemes entered the game!

Next steps will be to circulate the new text within the experts so that they can opt for either a working draft 2 (WD2) or a CD with a broader consultation.

We will keep you posted!

Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director & ISO 22003-2 expert