ISO 22003-2  good progresses and decisions on key issues

The 8th meeting on 22003 revision has been held on Zoom the 29th, 30th and 31st of March, with around 35 attendants from all 5 continents.

The meeting was dedicated to deal with the 715 comments received on the committee draft (CD) of 22003-2  the set of requirements which will be applicable in complement to 17065, equivalent to 22003-1 to 17021-1.

The key issues addressed by many comments have been grouped and discussed the first day within the full working group. The resulting decisions then facilitated the work on the other comments, split between 4 subgroups.

Some examples of these key issues:

  • Agreement to keep the concept “Food Safety System” (FSS) as preferred terminology, with proposed definition,
  • Use of “Audit” as generic term, with clear statement that “Audit” includes other evaluation activities like inspection, testing, …
  • Normative” status for Annexes A (food chain categories), B (audit duration) and C (competences), with a clear statement allowing schemes to build more specific and demanding requirements on the top of the basic common socle of the Annexes,

The next meeting will be held on 12th, 13th and 14th of April, dedicated to mirror the impact of the evolutions within 22003-2 on the last version of 22003-1, for seeking an optimal alignment.

Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director, is part of the WG in charge of the 22003 revision. Do not miss coming soon webinars if you want first-hand information on this revision and the future outlook and outcome.

Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director