ViaSyst involvement in EU Lifelong Learning Projects

The ERASMUS + Strategic partnership MENTORCERT project is proposed to follow an existing Erasmus+ project TRUST ME and a former Erasmus+ project CERTI4TRAIN. The consortium, coordinated by the Budapest Business School will develop the mentioned projects, refining, developing and integrating the results of the TRUST ME and CERTI4TRAIN projects to provide SMEs with a mechanism to access internationally certified, standardised mentoring services on offer.

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The ERASMUS+ Strategic partnership CERTI4TRAIN project has been built on the CERTITUDE and the CERTITRAIN results. Since September 2016, end of the project, ViaSyst – in partnership with EFCoCert - maintains and exploits the EU Trainer certification scheme that has been developed in the European project, ensuring the sustainability of the project results.

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The Leonardo da Vinci “Partnership” CERTITRAIN project has gathered and compared existing qualification profiles and certifications of trainers in the countries part of the project consortium. An online survey had also been conducted to assess the need for a European certification for trainers. As for the CERTITUDE project, …

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ViaSyst has been involved as one of the 7 CERTITUDE project partners. This European project has developed an ISO 17024 compliant academic tutor certification scheme to answer a need existing in Europe. Academic tutor is an unregulated profession. It means that no official training or certification exists.

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ViaSyst is not a common IT company. ViaSyst has been founded and is managed by its 2 unique shareholders which have following background: :
management system (mostly ISO) audit & certification (own CB from 1998 to 2015), scheme management (GFSI benchmarked), standardisation (ISO 9001 & 22000 families), and training. Thus, ViaSyst, with an efficient team, is in an ideal situation to assist scheme owners to analyse data and target investigations – and/or to develop training modules.


ViaSyst has a wide validated experience and leadership in e-learning pedagogy, developed since 2000. According to the pedagogical objectives and approaches, ViaSyst develops adapted e-learning platforms.

Thus, ViaSyst can assist you as a scheme owner to design, develop and deploy training modules for your scheme users, e.g. CBs, auditors, CB super-users, major stakeholders.


Auditor competence is a burning issue. The furthermore at scheme owner’s level, with multiple CBs involved, in multiple countries.

ViaSyst has both experience and a remote competence assessment platform to put auditor’s competence under control, at a global scheme level.

This is a typical example of what kind of partnership ViaSyst is aiming to develop with scheme owners over the time.