Is climate change going to be addressed in ISO management systems standards?

ISO didn’t fall behind regarding climate change: indeed, ISO published already in 2020 the ISO Guide 84 – Guidelines for addressing climate change in standards. Who did know that?

The guide can be downloaded for free on the ISO website. Here an abstract of the introduction:

“Standards developers are encouraged to consider climate change issues in their work at all stages in the standards development process. If climate change issues have not been considered, this can be a valid reason to start the revision of a standard. In addition, the significance or relevance of specific issues can have changed since the previous edition of a standard was drafted or reviewed. Whenever a new standard is drafted, or an existing standard is revised, all standards developers (including project leaders, convenors, committee chairs, committee managers and secretaries) are encouraged to actively promote the application of this document, and to involve experts knowledgeable in the subject.”

Along these lines, the need to address climate change in the future ISO 9001 revision is currently under discussion within the ISO TC 176 task group in charge of drafting the corresponding design specification.

Indeed, this could become a sensible point when it is about Claude 4.2 “understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties” …

No decision so far, but an interesting debate, to which Dr Didier Blanc, ViaSyst Director, participates as international expert.

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Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director