Good progresses within ISO 22003 part 2

3 zoom sessions ending May 2021 have been dedicated to work on the future ISO 22003-2 that will bring ISO 17065 accredited food safety schemes at a harmonised requirement level with ISO 17021-1 + 22003-1 schemes.

30+ experts among which 10 major schemes, GFSI, industries, CBs and ABs, and Didier Blanc, worked together on over 800+ received comments.

Key outcomes of the reached consensus are:

  • Annexes A (categories), B (audit duration) and C (competence) will be mandatory and aligned in both 22003 part 1 & 2,
  • Scheme owners may use their own categories or rules, provided they meet the basic level stated in these annexes,
  • “Audit” will be kept as a generic term, whereby, the definition will state that audit includes any applicable 17065 “Evaluation” activity (e.g. inspection, sampling & testing, …).

At the end of the meeting, all experts agreed to go for a DIS (Draft International Standard) with the new draft version. DIS means a broadened consultation and call for comments, within all ISO members.

The next meeting will deal with the received comments around the end of the year.

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Dr Didier Blanc, ViaSyst Director