Generate substantial savings thanks the ViaSyst audit management software!

The ViaSyst audit management software helps to generate substantial savings at both back office and auditor level.

To have all the details about these savings, see table below which summarizes the main savings attested by CB users (back office & auditors), year after year. The rate per hour varies throughout the globe, so you’ll have to multiply the saved hours by your local rate per hour in order to calculate the effective savings in money.

Savingsh / report
AuditorEditing of audit findings1,00
Editing of generic sections of the report0,50
Follow up and release of non-conformities0,50
Total hours saved per audit / report (auditor)2,00
Internal (or free-lancers) auditor rate per hour €60,00
Total auditor costs saved per audit / report €120,00
Back officeOrganisations’ & auditors’ assignment0,25
Audit report consistency check & format management0,25
Print, send & archive audit reports0,50
Managing data transfer between auditor & certification commission0,25
Follow-up of clients non-conformities0,25
Managing the certificate list0,25
Data processing & performance monitoring (dashboard, CSV)0,25
Total hours saved per audit / report (back office)2,00
Internal back office rate per hour €30,00
Total back office costs saved per audit / report €60,00
ViaSyst feesFee per organisation according to price list (€)18,00
BenefitsEffective total savings per audit / report (€)162,00

Usually, the generated saving are in any case higher than the cost of the fees invoiced for using the ViaSyst audit management software. This means you have an immediate pay-back.

To discover ViaSyst audit management software functionalities, we invite you to have a look on our website, or contact to apply for a live demo.

ViaSyst Team.