Fly now Economy with the ViaSyst Audit & CB Management Software Starter version

In a plane, beside Business and First Class, you have Economy. Same plane, same destination, essential services. We missed that option within the ViaSyst audit & CB management software.

This is now available by applying to the Economy / Starter version we just launched!

The full Business version is a very sophisticated and highly flexible tool, offering a lot of functionalities with a maximum of flexibility and customisation for CBs.

Reducing the scope to ISO standards run under ISO 17021 accreditation, and simplifying and reducing some options and related implementation and maintenance costs allow to significantly reduce the costs without loosing any key functionality.

This is so sure the ideal choice and opportunity for CBs either/or:

  • hesitating to step in regarding the costs,
  • needing to get convinced by themselves of the significant savings they can generate,
  • operating in countries with very low daily rates, or
  • just starting business and aiming to construct their workflows and processes on a solid basis.

Could this be the perfect match for you? Just email info[a] for booking a call for browsing the included functionalities and the associated price list or Apply for free Demo.

You will be amazed!

(And also: upgrading to Business Class is possible at any time.)

Looking forward to change life of CBs and auditors thanks this pragmatic approach!

ViaSyst Team & Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director