As ISO standards user and (at that time) CB owner, Dr Didier Blanc, founder and managing director of ViaSyst, decided in 2002 to apply as ISO international expert with the objectives and commitment to:

  • contribute actively to standards his business was earning money of (and not just benefit from them),
  • discover and experience how standards are “constructed”, by which kind of experts, under which process.

The new ISO 22000 project gave at that time an ideal opportunity for stepping in, at the crossing of Didier’s 2 major expertise, i.e. food safety & hygiene and management systems implementation & certification.

Didier’s commitment and involvement within ISO work never weakened since as the below timeline shows.

ViaSyst is happy to share this broad and long experience through newsletters with insider information and moreover through dedicated products and tools perfectly in line with ISO certification and accreditation requirements.