• User-friendly platform
  • Report edition: 1-2 h saved (data copied from previous audit)
  • No data duplication (for reports directly submitted to clients)
  • Combined audits on the platform: single finding writing
  • Offline app for onsite auditing
  • NC manager: NC completion follow-up interactive with clients
  • E-mail alerts by any NC completion update
  • Audit experience: automatically recorded

Certification Body:

  • Control of CB operations (planning, assignment, review, certification decision, …)
  • Certified company’s folder transfer: single click
  • Performance monitoring: statistics & benchmarking
  • Back-up & archives: managed by server

Certified company:

  • Full & consistent report available at NC completion follow-up place
  • Validation system (by auditor + CB), with tracking
  • Added value: knowledge bases
  • Benchmarking on maturity profile & KPIs