Facilitated audit planning thanks an innovative map view on ViaSyst

Grouping the audits per area or region, matching clients and auditors, catching up missing plannings, the nightmare of all these crucial CB back-office tasks is now a true pleasure thanks the powerful map view added in the planning module of the ViaSyst audit management software.

You will appreciate!

Filter by organisations, by auditors, by planning status (none, targeted, confirmed), by standard, by period according to your needs and workflows is now a kid game, with an immediate visualization.

ViaSyst is now more than ever an end-to-end audit and CB management software, thanks this new intuitive tool, the application, offer & contract module implemented early 2023, the audit review and APIs that are currently under development for connecting CRMs and accountancy software, and many other features that simplify your daily life.

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Do not miss this opportunity to generate significant savings by enhancing control.

ViaSyst Team