Excellent progresses of the ISO 17024 revision during the July meeting in Geneva

The ISO 17024 revision process now really started during the ISO/CASCO WG30 meeting held in Geneva from 18th to 20th July 2023. The meeting allowed robust discussions and good progresses around key topics to be addressed by the revision, and definitely confirmed that physical meetings are much more efficient and productive.

Around 30 international experts attended in person, and 10 more remotely. The majority of experts were representing a good balance between certification and accreditation bodies, from 5 continents. Didier BLANC,ViaSyst Director, is part of this international expert’s panel – ViaSyst offering IT dematerialised solutions to certification bodies of persons.

The meeting was essentially dedicated to gain a common understanding around key challenges to be addressed within competence certification due to the evolving practices, needs and technologies, such as:

  • use of artificial intelligence (AI) in competence certification processes (e.g. drafting questions, writing essays, proctoring, exam marking, certification algorithm, …),
  • need for a human decision on the top of AI supported processes,
  • emphasise on the scope which is competence (= demonstrated ability to achieve results) and not just knowledge,
  • opportunity to replace certificate expiry date by validity conditions, submitted to continuous monitoring,
  • responsibility of the CB to ensure that the certified competence is still available and demonstrated,
  • share of certification schemes (scheme owner role),
  • use of digital open badges to replace certificates,

The next meeting is planned in Geneva again, end November 2023. There is no pressure, but the objective might be to move to CD (committee draft) stage and ballot.

Stay tuned if you want to follow the progresses – and do not hesitate to submit any concerns, questions or proposals to didier.blanc@viasyst.com

Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Director