EU Business Mentor Competence Certification Scheme available

EFCoCert participated within the Erasmus+ MentorCert project for developing an EU competence certification scheme for business mentors. The project ended in March 2020 after a last transnational meeting in Budapest, during which the scheme has been validated.

The business mentor is defined as an experienced person providing business mentoring services to a mentee in a personalized, thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Interested? Please just send an email to so as to receive the scheme documents.

As competence certification & recognition expert, EFCoCert participated in 7 Erasmus+ applications in the 2020 call, most of them including an innovative open badge informal recognition ecosystem and the development of users’ practices communities.

Any project idea holder including or implying a competence or skills recognition dimension is welcome to contact me in the perspective of the 2021 call.

Dr Didier BLANC

EFCoCert President