Enhance your CB efficiency and control in 2024 thanks ViaSyst audit management software

ViaSyst is committed to further supporting you to harmonise and streamline processes & workflows and enhance control by simultaneously generating substantial savings.

For achieving this, the ViaSyst audit & CB management software is under constant evolution:

  • 2023 major achievements:
  1. “Sales” module,
  2. offline auditing App 2.0,
  3. 5 additional languages,
  4. various flexible data extractions,
  5. planning view, management and sharing options,…
  • 2024 main projects:
  1. standard APIs for connecting other software CBs are using: CRM, accountancy, …
  2. self-customisable pdf report: colours, fonts, logos, …
  3. audit plan module flexibility, ergonomic and “library” option
  4. CB customizable notifications settings,
  5. various views enabling a better overview and readability, e.g.:
    1. global workflow of an organisation
    2. calendar and map view for planning
    3. findings and findings’ status view

… this in addition to the regular evolutions we implement according to our clients’ needs.
It would be great to have a call with you in the coming weeks to update on these evolutions and on your implementation project and decision criteria.

So, please book a time slot on our website at your best convenience so that we can dynamize this process.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

ViaSyst Team