End of ISO TS 22003:2007 validity

Starting point & Rationale

The ISO TS 22003:2013 was published in mid-December 2013, with an official transition period of 3 years, ending mid-December 2016.

This means that, in accordance with the ISO rules:

  • from the 15th December 2016, no certificate can be issued under ISO TS 22003:2007 accreditation,
  • from that date, all new certificates shall be issued under ISO TS 22003:2013 accreditation.
  • all certificates issued before Mid-December 2016 against ISO TS 22003:2007 can be maintained until the end of validity period (3 years after issuing).

Note: no action is needed on the already existing audits and certificates on the Database.

Implications & Recommendations

All implications of this important change and recommendations on how to manage it are detailed in a specific item of the FSSC / ViaSyst common FAQ knowledge base.