Consistency within food safety schemes accreditation thanks the future ISO 22003-2

Food safety schemes are accredited either under ISO 17065 (product certification) or ISO 17021 (management system certification).

The ISO 22003 specifies the food safety specific requirements that shall be met in addition to ISO 17021, e.g. auditor competence, food chain categories, audit time calculation, …

But the equivalent of ISO 22003 doesn’t exist and apply for schemes accredited under ISO 17065, which generates confusion and inconsistencies within schemes on the marketplace.

This gap will now be filled in thanks the future ISO 22003-2 which has just been accepted at a wide majority by both ISO and CASCO for being developed as the pendant of ISO 22003 for ISO 17065 accredited schemes.

The alignment work will start in the next 22003 working group meeting in Ottawa in September.

Dr Didier Blanc, ViaSyst Managing Director and initiator of the first ISO 22003 version in 2005, is part of that working group and has been intensively involved in drafting and advocating the new 22003-2 proposal.

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