Check-List module now available on the ViaSyst audit reporting platform

In the course of the continuous evolution of the ViaSyst audit reporting platform, the “Check-List” module is now available for all users.

Irrelevant whether the CB or scheme owner decides to make it mandatory or not for all audits, the check-list tool is supporting and simplifying the auditor’s job as follows:

  • before the audit: helps the auditors planning the audit, consigns notes and presumptions arising from the preliminary document review, acts as a sampling plan and time manager, and ensures a consistent audit approach;
  • during the audit: serves as a note taking tool and a memory aid ensuring that the audit is conducted in a systematic, harmonized and comprehensive manner, and adequate evidence is collected;
  • after the audit: gives an overview about the organization’s management system performance and compliance in a single view;
  • by reporting: the edition of the check-list on the ViaSyst audit reporting platform automatically increments the audit findings in the “Audit findings” page.

The check-list is available now for all users (Certification Bodies, Scheme owners, Groups, Retailers or clients…) that are looking for an easy way to manage their audit data.

The next step within ViaSyst audit reporting tools evolutions will be to adapt the Check-List as an App, to be used off-line on tablets or smartphones, with voice recognition, for onsite auditing.

To save time by online audit reporting, the “OK” grading is assigned by default to all the clauses against which no finding or non-conformity has been raised.

This means that the auditor only needs to edit the clauses against which he has findings, and that the database will automatically complete the rest of the check-list.

Interested to see how it works? Please apply here for a free demo and trial on a real test environment.

ViaSyst Team.