Best wishes for 2021 – business continuity & innovation

Last year we didn’t know, this year we do: Covid-19 will impact on our lives, private and professional. The certification business sector, to which the ViaSyst audit management software is dedicated, is recovering, and after “improvisation” in 2020, the key words and challenges for 2021 will be “business continuity” and “innovation”, with a lot of opportunities. Auditing is about gaining objective evidence that requirements are met or not. Objective evidence is data. Data can be gained, shared, assessed, monitored, and processed through unnumbered approaches and media, which do not have to be synchronic and onsite. Managing audit and certification data is ViaSyst core. Innovating to foster business continuity of the users of the ViaSyst audit management software in the current and future travel limitation context is providing solutions and tools supporting robust and reliable remote audits, with stronger outcomes than onsite audits. Here some modules related to remote auditing which are already implemented (or coming soon) on the ViaSyst audit management software:

  • Self-assessment check-list editable by the client, with upload of relevant documented evidence,
  • Online interactive action plan and NC completion management,
  • Data monitoring, KPIs and alerts,
  • Maturity profile for supporting & targeting risk-based audit,

Interested in investigating such innovative approaches? You are welcome to contact or apply for a demo, need analysis and/or project planning. Our entire ViaSyst Team is committed to work hard throughout 2021 for supporting and enhancing the certification sector business continuity. We wish you a successful and innovative 2021! Florence Le LANN & Dr Didier BLANC, ViaSyst Directors