Best Practice Erasmus+ evaluation for EFCoCert and ViaSyst!

The Erasmus+ Mentor4WBL@EU project in which EFCoCert and ViaSyst developed an ISO compliant EU WBL Mentor competence certification scheme has been evaluated as best practice with a brilliant score of 95/100 by the Greek national agency. You can consult the project summary on the official Erasmus+ project results website.

This was the first project in which ViaSyst and EFCoCert were both together part of the consortium and could bring forward their optimal synergies in matter of competence certification schemes, i.e.:

  • scheme development by EFCoCert, in compliance with ISO standardisation rules, and
  • dematerialised scheme operation platform allowing remote assessment by ViaSyst.

Are you planning for a project idea including a competence certification scheme for the next Erasmus+ call? Then ViaSyst and EFCoCert are the best practice partners you are looking for!

Just send an email to or to get in touch.

Dr Didier Blanc, ViaSyst Director & EFCoCert President