We had a dream, as CB owners and managers: an audit & certification management software simplifying the life and generating savings for both auditors and back office. We made this dream happen since 2008 with the ViaSyst SaaS Management Software, used nowadays by 27+ CBs and 3 scheme owners.

SaaS (Software as a Service) means:

  • access through secured login codes on any browser – interactive access with clients
  • no license, no device specific installation, no version update to purchase
  • pay by use (i.e. yearly fees for CB application & certificates)
SaaS Management Software


Auditor login & access rights
Qualification management
  • Standards assignment
  • Scopes assignment within standards
  • Dates scopes granted or withdrawn
  • Evidence attachments and archive
  • Shared between CB Admin and auditor
Client organisation
  • Organisation profile
  • Contact persons & emails (for notifications)
Audit programme
  • Entire certification cycle (certification, surveillance 1 & 2)
  • Targeted or confirmed dates
  • Shared between CB Admin and auditor
  • Flags for due audits and audit planning
Auditor assignment
  • Auditor qualification (scopes per standard)
  • Audit team assignment & changes
Audit plan & preparation
  • Audit plan per process, shared with the client
  • Message box & file exchange interactive with the client
  • Check-lists editable by client for information gathering & remote auditing
Auditing App
  • Offline reporting App for note taking with vocal recognition and pictures
  • Easy intuitive navigation
  • Direct findings edition and grading
  • Closing meeting preparation by sorting out findings
  • Data synchronisation with the database by return to connection
CB customised & branded report format
  • CB specific customised & branded report format & fields
  • Direct editing by the auditor, shared with reviewer
  • Control of report consistency through mandatory fields checks & alerts
  • Control of data consistency through fields format, checks & alerts
  • Printable CB branded PDF report
Validation & Certification Decision
  • Report locked after validation by reviewer
  • Certification decision by assigned reviewer (different from auditor)
  • Certification decision & status history
  • Search module and/or public list to integrate on CB’s website for certificate validity check
  • Editor for CB branded customised PDF certificate (downloadable by clients)
NC completion management
  • Report & findings accessible in view to the client (with login codes)
  • Cause analysis, action plan & corrective action editable by client
  • Automatic notifications for completion deadlines
  • Notifications & interactive validation between auditor & client
  • Centralised monitoring of NC completion


Looking for folders or files and sending emails belongs to the past. On the ViaSyst platform, all audit, certificate and report related data are 100% available for analysis, for you as CB, but also for your clients and for your accreditation audits through CSV, KPIs


  • Real time performance monitoring, at CB or auditor level
  • Trigger for action at CB management level

Data extraction & processing

  • Excel downloads on organisations, audits, findings, certificates & auditors qualification
  • Tailored data processing for statistics, KPIs, performance monitoring & risk based auditing

CB branded PDF report & certificate editor



Get rid of paper and pen for onsite auditing: just use your smartphone or tablet, offline, for typing or dictating findings with vocal recognition and attaching pictures as evidence.

Then, sort the findings for preparing the closing meeting and send them to the client for signing up.

And finally synchronise data with the platform at your next connection for finalizing the report.

At ViaSyst, you speak with former auditors focused on making the auditor’s daily life easier.

Want to see how simple it works? Apply for a demo.

audit management software
custom audit Management Software

ViaSyst Saas evolution policy


The ViaSyst Audit Management Software is under constant evolution.

ViaSyst prioritizes the evolutions according to the clients’ needs.

10% of the regular fees are dedicated to generic evolutions, beneficiating all clients.

Custom developments are also offered for addressing clients’ specific or priority needs.

At ViaSyst, you construct and continuously improve your IT management tools in tight dialog with a partner perfectly aware of your daily business.

Generate substantial savings


The ViaSyst audit reporting platform helps to generate substantial savings at both back office and auditor level.

Usually, the generated saving are in any case higher than the cost of the fees invoiced for using the ViaSyst audit reporting platform. This means you have an immediate pay-back.

Savingsh / report
AuditorEditing of audit findings1,00
Editing of generic sections of the report0,50
Follow up and release of non-conformities0,50
Total hours saved per audit / report (auditor)2,00
Internal (or free-lancers) auditor rate per hour €60,00
Total auditor costs saved per audit / report €120,00
Back officeOrganisations’ & auditors’ assignment0,25
Audit report consistency check & format management0,25
Print, send & archive audit reports0,50
Managing data transfer between auditor & certification commission0,25
Follow-up of clients non-conformities0,25
Managing the certificate list0,25
Data processing & performance monitoring (dashboard, CSV)0,25
Total hours saved per audit / report (back office)2,00
Internal back office rate per hour €30,00
Total back office costs saved per audit / report €60,00
ViaSyst feesFee per organisation according to price list (€)18,00
BenefitsEffective total savings per audit / report (€)162,00


Supports any Standard & Audit Type

  • ISO or private Management System Certification: 9001, 14001, 22000, 27001 , 45001, …
  • Product / Services and Competence Certification
  • Private or Official Standards
  • Internal Audits, 2nd Party Supplier Audits, Inspection
  • (Non) Accredited Standards in any Business Sector: Food, Feed, Health & Safety, Industry, …
  • ISO 17021-1, 17065, 17020, 17024 Accreditations
  • Online & Offline Reporting
  • Supporting unlimited Languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, …


Certification Service

ViaSyst Platform is a very convenient system, which can quickly respond to users’ questions and suggestions in their use experiences. It is a user friendly platform.

Randy HOU, HSL Certification Service
certification audits

We have been using ViaSyst since 2015 as the unique platform for all data from the third-party certification audits of our production facilities. The application is easy to use and makes our data secured and accessible anytime from anywhere. ViaSyst team has always been very responsive and thanks to their support we have been able to make a better use of this massive amount of data for the monitoring of our performance and that of the certification bodies and auditors.

Christophe BOULAIS, Danone
audit report

From our beginning in 2013, we wanted to be able to carry out our audit activities using a dematerialized solution that should allow us to centralize and monitor our audit data without having to go through a collection of conventional files and emails.
Today, with hindsight, thanks the ViaSyst Audit Management SaaS, the management, the audit team as well as our clients are the happy beneficiaries of an efficient solution both in terms of data availability and security, and on the practical aspects of all audit process steps, prior, during and after the audit!
All in one, ViaSyst is the ideal tool what we were looking for: from overall planning and preparation of the audit plan to the use of audit checklists and report editing while ensuring data protection and the levels of confidentiality according to the types of users.

To date, we use ViaSyst as a real meeting point between audit professionals and the organizations that we certify!

EdelCert & inSpectorat – Certification body specialized in the assessment of management systems in the health and social sector, SMEs and safety in adventure sport organizations.

Stéphane PERROTTET, EdelCert & InSpectorat

I had been working on the Viasyst Platform for past 2 years. I enjoyed its user-friendly features and I managed to work with a great team who support the platform from behind the scene. I do like the features in this platform where it helps me in my routine reporting on the audits.

Wendy Yap, FAMI-QS
certification management software

Our collaboration with ViaSyst began in 2017, and  it has been a strategic decision for FAMI-QS which has proved to be invaluable and beneficial for both the FAMI-QS Scheme and our associated members. Their work is outstanding, and their insight comes from years of experience in the industry. Working closely together with ViaSyst has been an important pillar for the implementation of the FAMI-QS Code of Practice Version 6 and their insight has added great value in the continued development of our strategy and operations, allowing us in this way to reshape our operations to address potential issues and offer solutions in a dynamic and constructive manner.

Emmanouil Geneiatakis, Secretary General, FAMI-QS
certification management software

The ViaSyst data protection regulations govern the handling of data, especially of personal data, with regard of their collection, use and connection.

Jean-Christophe Levescot, Responsable Opérationnel / Auditeur , BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION
internal audit manager

I work nicely with your system and very good with the people behind it.

Amy van der Vliet-Lapré , Global Food & Beverage Manager, DNV - Business Assurance
audit management

“I was telling myself that without ViaSyst, currently it would really be a problem. Today, ViaSyst really allows us to absorb growth with total control, because we will have more and more solo auditors who will around 20 clients per year.”

Stéphane PERROTTET, EdelCert & InSpectorat