Approval for the ISO DIS 22003 part 1 & 2– Requirements for FSMS CBs

ViaSyst actively contributes developing the key ISO standards for CBs using the ViaSyst audit management software (read more), e.g. ISO DIS 22003 part 1 & 2, for which the results of the parallel balloting of the DIS version are now available.

Both standards are about Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of food safety management systems, whereby:

  • 22003-1 sets the complementary requirements applicable under 17021-1 accreditation, and
  • 22003-2 sets the complementary requirements applicable under 17065 accreditation.

The intention of this parallel drafting is to end up, as far as possible, in a harmonised or aligned set of requirements under both accreditation channels.

The figure above, drafted initially by Didier Blanc, ViaSyst Director and expert within the ISO CASCO JWG 36, displays the overall framework of the intended outcome, which will have a significant impact on the food safety certification globally.

The ballot results look as follows:

  • 22003-1: 43 P-Members voting, 40 Approval (93%), 3 Negative votes
  • 22003-2: 42 P-Members voting, 37 Approval (88%), 5 Negative votes

The “pass-mark” is 66% within ISO rules, which means both DIS are accepted and can be prepared for the next steps within the standardisation process, i.e. Final Draft (FDIS), and publication.

However, numerous comments have been raised by the voting national member bodies (P-Members): 336 comments against 22003-1, and 404 against 22003-2.

These comments will need to be addressed before going to the next step. This will be the task of JWG 36 in the upcoming virtual meeting in December.

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Dr Didier Blanc, ViaSyst Director