“All in one, ViaSyst is the ideal tool what we were looking for!”

This are some words extracted from Stéphane Perrottet’s testimonial on the use of the ViaSyst audit management software.

Stéphane is director and founder of EdelCert & inSpectorat, a Swiss certification body specialized in the assessment of management systems in the health and social sector, SMEs and safety in adventure sport organizations.

Here the full Stéphane’s testimonial:

“From our beginning in 2013, we wanted to be able to carry out our audit activities using a dematerialized solution that should allow us to centralize and monitor our audit data without having to go through a collection of conventional files and emails.
Today, with hindsight, thanks the ViaSyst Audit Management SaaS, the management, the audit team as well as our clients are the happy beneficiaries of an efficient solution both in terms of data availability and security, and on the practical aspects of all audit process steps, prior, during and after the audit!

All in one, ViaSyst is the ideal tool what we were looking for: from overall planning and preparation of the audit plan to the use of audit checklists and report editing while ensuring data protection and the levels of confidentiality according to the types of users.

To date, we use ViaSyst as a real meeting point between audit professionals and the organizations that we certify!”

ViaSyst is probably also the ideal tool for your CB operations from planning and scheduling to performing the audit whatever your business sector : Food, animal feed, health and safety, industry,…

So, contact info@viasyst.com for a demo!

ViaSyst Team.