A new era starts for auditors thanks ViaSyst-Offline, the onsite auditing App

We dreamed about it, we promised it, we did it: ViaSyst-Offline is now available for onsite offline auditing.

ViaSyst-Offline is the App revolutionizing the auditor’s day-life through:

  • off-line onsite note taking on your smartphone or tablet with either typing or vocal recognition,
  • finding edition and grading with pictures attachment for evidence,
  • closing meeting preparation by sorting out findings,
  • emailing the findings to the client at the end of the audit,
  • data transfer to the ViaSyst audit management software by return to connection.

Time saving, paperless, improved reporting quality, 100% auditor’s satisfaction.

Our challenge was to design a smart, simple and intuitive App with all necessary functionalities, allowing offline auditing and connection and synchronization with the ViaSyst audit management software.


The App is available for auditors of CBs using the ViaSyst audit management software.

Up to you to decide to facilitate your onsite auditing by using ViaSyst-Offline: just download it.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a demo or any questions.

ViaSyst Team.