As announced in our last newsletter, 2019 will be a year full of new modules and functionalities on the ViaSyst audit reporting platform.

And it’s already time to announce that the planification module is now available.

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From the whole ViaSyst team, happy New Year and best wishes for 2019!

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The ISO Technical Committee 176 in charge of the ISO 9000 “family” held his annual meeting in the Azores last November. The major standards (9001 & 9004) being published recently, the work concentrated on preparation steps for the future evolutions, with tasks groups dedicated to subjects such as revision of the High Level Structure (HLS) common to all management systems standards, or future concepts to be integrated in the ISO 9001 – to which Dr Didier Blanc, Director of ViaSyst, participated.

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In the course of the continuous evolution of the ViaSyst audit reporting platform, the “Check-List” module is now available for all users.

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In order to improve the management of users on the ViaSyst audit reporting platform, and to make the distinction between the roles of CB administrators and Auditors clear and visible, the “Auditors” tab have been reviewed and replaced by “CB users” tab.

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Dr Didier Blanc, founder and director of ViaSyst is intensively involved since 2001 as international expert in the ISO management system standardization work. It started with ISO 22000 in 2001, and then continued by initiating and drafting the first working draft of ISO 22003 in 2004, joining the ISO 9001 committee in 2007 and the CASCO for ISO 17021 in 2011.

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The ViaSyst audit reporting platform helps to generate substantial savings at both back office and auditor level.

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The ISO TC34 SC17, in charge of the ISO 22000 family, held its yearly meeting in Bordeaux from 1st to 5th October 2018. Dr Didier Blanc, international expert in this committee since 2001 and Director of ViaSyst, participated actively to the various debates and working groups. You’ll find in this ViaSyst News a summary of the major outcomes of the meeting.

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Dr Didier Blanc, founder and director of ViaSyst is intensively involved since 2001 as international expert in the ISO management system standardization work. It started with ISO 22000 in 2001, and then continued by initiating and drafting the first working draft of ISO 22003 in 2004, joining the ISO 9001 committee in 2007 and the CASCO for ISO 17021 in 2011.

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We allow us to ask you as an AB to take 5 minutes of your time for a brief survey.

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ViaSyst is already 10 years old! 10 years of continuous development and improvement of the ViaSyst audit reporting platform, with the redesigned version 3 launched early January this year.

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Along with ViaSyst’s 10 years anniversary, we are launching a new webinar service to allow interested potential users discovering the functionalities and advantages of the ViaSyst audit reporting platform.

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Since January 2018, you probably received as a CB some news about ViaSyst Database evolutions such as:

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We allow us to ask you as a CB to take 5 minutes of your time for a brief survey.

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FAMI-QS is a worldwide preeminent on feed safety management system scheme for specialty feed ingredients (feed ingredients sourced mainly via the following processes: Bioprocess, Chemical, Extraction, Formulation, Mining and Mixing) . To support and boost the growth of the scheme, FAMI-QS is applying the ViaSyst audit reporting platform for the implementation of the new version 6.0 of the scheme, from the beginning of 2019.

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After the CB Dashboard which has been deployed and announced last week, a new tool for helping CBs to stay on top of all challenges, and to make the audit and certification process as efficient as possible has now been implemented on the ViaSyst audit reporting platform: the CSV audits for CBs.

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“Data are the oil of the digital economy”

But stored data are useful and powerful only provided they are processed and analyzed, to trigger improvement and progress – and to keep all involved staff dedicated, motivated, focused.

This is why, to help CBs to stay on top of all challenges, we developed the ViaSyst CB Dashboard for performance monitoring which is now in operation.

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Together with the launch of our new website, we already announced you the possibility to apply for a navigable demo of the ViaSyst audit reporting platform.

The ViaSyst platform is an IT tool allowing CBs to edit and share online with their clients audit reports on management system standards (e.g. ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 27001, 50001 – inclusive for combined audits).

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new public ViaSyst website!

Our objective is to provide visitors useful and clear information about ViaSyst solutions and services.

In this purpose, we changed the viewpoint of the website content, to give a better overview of the advantages of our solutions for each type of user, e.g. scheme owners, CBs, Groups, Retailers.

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The ViaSyst database maintenance and data migration have been completed. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

The maintenance was scheduled to ensure the data migration to the new database version and import all the data from the former platform.

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From January 5th, 8 pm, to January 10th, 12 am, the ViaSyst IT team will implement the new version of the ViaSyst Database and migrate all existing data.

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The management of the auditor’s access rights on the ViaSyst Database has been improved to give to the CBs the possibility to manage auditor’s access to the data entered easily.

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Implementation of FSSC V4 on the ViaSyst SaaS platform is ready for the 1st of July 2017. CBs will access to it as they apply by FSSC over the next months.

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Data users & decision makers need real-time concise, visual & comprehensive, data display for proceeding to their risk & assurance analysis and build trust throughout the supply chain.

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Seeking to continuously improve our Database, we recently implemented a new “Check-list” tool. 

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and email Newsletter. We will be sending out the first Newsletter next week. 

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At the threshold of 2017 we would like to express you our best wishes for the New Year

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The instructions for use for the ViaSyst database are available on the ViaSyst platform since the beginning. Over the time, it appeared that some questions need FSSC statements or explanations ahead of ViaSyst instructions on how to deal with it in the database. Therefore, FSSC and ViaSyst opened a joint FAQ knowledge base.


The ISO TS 22003:2007 is no more be applicable since mid-December 2016. This impacts on the use of the ViaSyst database.

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The validation of the Auditor qualification folder on the ViaSyst Database has been simplified to facilitate data entering and consistency.

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It is the responsibility of the CB to ensure the accuracy of the information related to certified organization on the ViaSyst Database. To ensure consistency over the time, from one audit to the other, this information now only can be updated in the Organization’s page, so that the correct information is carried over by the next audit.

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New warnings are added as necessary in the ViaSyst Database in order to help CBs avoiding some mistakes during data entering. This is now the case for the “Audit date” field.

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A new prefilled helpline form is available on the ViaSyst Database to allow users contacting ViaSyst Team more easily.

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FSSC requires that the audit data related to every yearly audit shall be uploaded in a timely manner in the ViaSyst database. ViaSyst created a specific view (called “FSSC Audit History”) to allow CBs to monitor and identify all certified organisations for which the last audit data are missing.

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The FSSC 22000 Board of Stakeholders (BoS) has decided on May 21, 2014 that it will no longer be permitted to use PAS 223 for FSSC 22000 certification after November 1, 2014.

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The validation of the audit data is a crucial step in the Data entering process within the ViaSyst Database. This validation is now more flexible, with the possibility to assign several validators to an audit folder.

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Groups having several sites (plants or manufacturing sites) certified against the same scheme (e.g. FSSC 22000) now have the possibility to have a single collective access to audit & certification data of all their sites.

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ViaSyst is not a common IT company. ViaSyst has been founded and is managed by its 2 unique shareholders which have following background: :
management system (mostly ISO) audit & certification (own CB from 1998 to 2015), scheme management (GFSI benchmarked), standardisation (ISO 9001 & 22000 families), and training. Thus, ViaSyst, with an efficient team, is in an ideal situation to assist scheme owners to analyse data and target investigations – and/or to develop training modules.


ViaSyst has a wide validated experience and leadership in e-learning pedagogy, developed since 2000. According to the pedagogical objectives and approaches, ViaSyst develops adapted e-learning platforms.

Thus, ViaSyst can assist you as a scheme owner to design, develop and deploy training modules for your scheme users, e.g. CBs, auditors, CB super-users, major stakeholders.


Auditor competence is a burning issue. The furthermore at scheme owner’s level, with multiple CBs involved, in multiple countries.

ViaSyst has both experience and a remote competence assessment platform to put auditor’s competence under control, at a global scheme level.

This is a typical example of what kind of partnership ViaSyst is aiming to develop with scheme owners over the time.